The “Supplement”al Truth

I have loved writing these blog posts because I have found that my inspiration comes from many different outlets. This process has enlightening. I have seen the diversity of my friends and their sheer talents for a variety of things. It has given me a wealth of ideas for posts and for that I am grateful to them!

A friend posted on Facebook not too long ago about her frustration when friends approached her for advice on the use of supplements. Coach, this post is for you!

I suppose I should preface this by saying I am in no means an expert, nutritionist, doctor, etc. I use to be a YoYo dieter and hated that I was always labeled “a bigger girl.” I could be as fit and toned as they come but I could pack on the weight in the blink of an eye. If I had fast food, I would have to spend 3 days in the gym to make up for it. Who has time for that?! When I went off to college, I gained the freshman…well we won’t get into that. I tried the “quick fixes,” the diet pills; you name it, I tried it. Sure some of it worked short term but after a weekend drinking fest with the girls I was back to square one.

It wasn’t until a few years ago that I finally got smart and actually did some research into the supplement game. I found out a lot, I mean A LOT. In the words of my friend Melissa, “Supplements are just that…they supplement what you are already doing nutrition-wise.”

When I finally chose the nutrition path I wanted to go on, it was after much debate and research and with the knowledge that it may not work with my body chemistry. Supplements can be top of the line and do wonders for most people out there but may not work with your system.

I use AdvoCare products and have had immense success from them. My first introduction to them was through the 24 day challenge which was the perfect way for me to jump start my body into getting healthy, not just losing weight. As I got older, it wasn’t so much about the weight loss as it was about making sure I was healthy. Another part of the process is the personal coaching you get when you sign on to AdvoCare. There are Facebook groups and one-on-one coaching from your distributor. When I first started, I could call or text them whenever I had a question. The process was so easy. Although there are so many good systems out there like ItWorks, LeVel, and Supplement Stores, I am going to breakdown the 24 Day Challenge because that is what I know. As I mentioned before I have tried others. LeVel just didn’t work for me, but my friend swears by it (AdvoCare did not work for her). Find what works for your body, not what is the most cleverly marketed.

The 24 Day Challenge is broken up into two phases. The Cleanse Phase and the Max Phase. I personally love the AdvoCare cleanse. It is completely noninvasive and I feel so amazing when I am on it. I always had problems with feeling bloated after I ate and I could never get rid of that feeling. Enter AdvoCare cleanse. It starts taking effect right away. With your 24 Day Challenge you get a variety of products:

Herbal Cleanse

Fiber Drink


2 boxes of Spark

Box of Meal Replacement Shakes

Metabolic Nutrition System Supplements

Cleanse Phase (10 days): You will start your day with probiotics and a spark (the wonderfulness that is AdvoCare’s energy drink-this helps get you off soda and coffee if you are an addict), followed 30 minutes later with the unflavored fiber drink. Go about your day clean eating and drinking TONS of water. At night with dinner you take 2 omegaplex and before bed you take your herbal cleanse pills.

The cleanse phase is so important because you will want to flush your body of toxins before you start putting supplements into it. This is the case with any supplements you take. If your body isn’t flushed clean, the things you put into your body to help, can’t if they don’t have a clean canvas to do it on.

Max Phase (14 days): After the cleanse phase, the Max Phase will see an increase of supplements. Instead of taking some in the morning and at night, the Max phase has you taking the MNS (metabolic nutrition system) in the morning and at lunch.

I love that AdvoCare lets you choose which system is right for you. There is a system for Appetite Control, Energy, and one for Combined Wellness. I have tried them all and the Appetite Control works the best for me. The packets include Metabolic Enhancers, probiotics, antioxidants, CitriSate (which aids in controlling appetite and enhancing mood) and omegaplex.  When you get your first look at the pack, it may seem overwhelming but I fall into a routine taking them and I feel amazing!

Included in the Max Phase are the Meal Replacement shakes. I LOVE these things!! I’ve even ordered more boxes to drink during the cleanse phase because they are so easy. At only 220 calories and 2 grams of fat you wouldn’t thing these would fill you up. The shakes are loaded with 24 grams of protein and only 12 grams of sugar so you aren’t going to get the sugar crash you would normally get with other meal replacement shakes.

My average weight loss on the challenge has been between 10 and 22 lbs. I have found the times on challenges that I have lost a lower amount of weight, it is because I haven’t eaten as clean as the other times. There are so many companion products that go along with the Challenge but the above are the core Challenge products. At any given time, I am taking some kind of AdvoCare product. Whether it is Spark or Meal Replacement Shake or a MNS.


AdvoCare has taught me one very important thing. How to manage healthy eating. Through this process, I have found that I can’t have a “cheat day.” I can really only have a cheat meal and still stay on track. My best friend comments all the time about my new found ability to cook. Three years ago I was using my oven as storage and now I’m kind of a force to be reckoned with in the kitchen (still can’t bake but that’s probably for the best). I absolutely love meal prepping (when I am in the throes of a challenge) and trying new recipes and seeing if I can put a healthy spin on them.

I have loved helping people get on the healthy track. I had so much success on the AdvoCare track, I signed up to be a Distributor. It was twofold really. I got a decent discount but could also spread the word to others who may have had the same struggles as me. I felt that if I could possibly give someone who was experiencing the same struggles as me a way to alleviate that stressor, why not coach them through it? I have really enjoyed that process!

If any of this sounds interesting, or you just want to browse the site, click here:

You might find other products that you are interested in. I am always available to answer questions and if you have a question about a product I haven’t tried, I have amazing people who I can get a hold of to answer your question. That is the incredible thing about the AdvoCare community, everyone helping each other.

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