First blog post

So here it is. I’m jumping in. Fully clothed mind you, but jumping in nonetheless. I have no idea what I am doing with this but I have also been throwing around the idea of starting a blog for a while now ┬ábecause I use them so often. With so many do’s and don’t’s in this world, there is always a fine line you have walk. Why not write your own…

This will really just be a place where you can find randomness. I am constantly looking for the next best recipe or idea. Let’s be clear, this blog is a place for perspective not opinion. I can’t tell you how many times I just needed someone else’s perspective, not their opinion, and turned to blogs to get it. If you are wondering if there is a difference between these two words, there is, don’t worry. For example; I have an opinion on the best type of wine, but my perspective on the best type of wine is different (has a lot to do with how fast I can put away a bottle…).

Posts will range from recipes, fitness, nutrition, humor, beauty, and life. All of which I am not an expert in and probably never will be (insert your choice of emoticon here because I don’t have that luxury! grrr!) While I am not an expert in these areas, I have experience in fitness, nutrition, humor, beauty, and life. Experience in successes and failures. The blogs I enjoyed reading were the ones that gave real life testimonials. Rest assured I won’t endorse a product, recipe, workout if I haven’t myself tried and failed at it first.

I hope that this blog will bring some light to your daily reading (don’t worry it won’t be daily, I teach Kindergarten for crying out loud-ain’t nobody got time for everyday if you’re herding kittens all day).

As I tell my Kindergartners everyday; go through your day and “Have Courage, and Be Kind.” If you think about it for a minute, these words cover a lot of life rules…:)